Новости Anarchist Kombatant Hack Group released the third part of confidential government papers on Russian-Ukrainian War.

12 Дек 2022
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It shows the scale of high military casualties.
Proceeding from humanitarian considerations we publish just onerecord of fallen Ukrainian soldiers and officers. Documents in Ukrainian.
But we reserve the right to release full version of documents if Kiev continues its policy of dismissing the truth and making false allegations.
We are calling for all sides to de-escalate situation and stop the War in Ukrainethat threatening the Whole World! Not only the European continent.
– Stop the Massacre!
– Stop the Road to the World War 3!
– Stop the NATO Expansion!
– Stop the Russia’s Foolhardiness!
– Stop the Ukraine’s Hypocrisy!
– Stop the USA Bloodiness!
– Stop the UK Scheming!
– Stop the EU Foolishness!
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